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Moving to Windows7: disabling FLV in IIS

February 28, 2009

FLV is a well known file format, but IIS6 doesn’t support natively.
You get a HTTP404 error even if file is really there. 😦
You must explicitly enable it, via IIS Manager.
If you have IIS6 then read this post: How to enable FLV file playback in IIS 6
On Windows7, FLV is already enabled so you don’t have to change IIS7 settings, except if you to disable FLV 🙂
Run IIS Manager, from Control Panel\Adminstrative Tools, select main node (your host), then icon Request Filter in IIS section (middle of the page) …

… right-click “Deny File Name Extension…”

… fill in “FLV” or the file extension desidered then you get list updated


Now, FLV is  HTTP404 Not Found. 🙂

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Free ebook on Visual C# 2008 Express Edition

February 23, 2009

Latest Microsoft Press Book Connection newsletter announce a 25th Anniversary Free E-Book Program offer:
Microsoft Visual C# 2008 Express Edition: Build a Program Now! by Patrice Pelland
From the book:

Who is this book for?
This book is for everybody: students, hobbist programmers, and people who always thought programming was a tought task. It’s for people who have ideas like “I wish I could build a tool to store all my recipes and then print them and send them to my friends”, “I wish I could build this cool card game that I have never found anywhere else”, […] and many projects that you can imagine! This book is for people who have ideas but don’t know how to bring them to reality. And it’s a good introduction to the art and science of developing software.

download already started? 😉

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Moving to Windows 7: bluescreen after resuming from hibernate

February 22, 2009

It was very fast, and I wasn’t such awake … but it happened.
My laptop was resuming from hibernation, and BSOD appeared.
It was a flash to me … but it was real 😦

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(re-reading GTD) how to start

February 21, 2009

It’s time to refresh GTD concepts reading again the book.

Sometimes, while you’re watching tv, you suddenly remember you have to do that thing, or while your walking in the mall, you get an idea about your holidays … well, that happens because your mind is experiencing (some sort of) freedom, and it start working the right way …
Freedom from what? Everything you haven’t done yet, those things that your mind have to “keep in mind” for you.

So, here area three basic points to start from:

  1. your mind contains everything, so it must be cleared
  2. know your goal and what you have to do to get there
  3. write a list of actions needed to reach the goal, and remember to check that list regularly

And now, a simple test:

  1. get a piece of paper and a pencil
  2. write down the thing (job’s project, holiday, …) that fill most your brain in this moment
  3. get a clear idea of successfull realization
  4. identify clearly the next physical action (or step) to let that thing move on

If you fell a little bit relaxed, than … it’s ok.
That’s the very beginning.
Clear your mind from what it “keeps in mind” for you, writing several to-do lists, and following those lists.
Let your mind really work, than remembering to remember to do something. 😉

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Moving to Windows 7: VirtualPC 2007 The virtual machine “” can’t be started because …

February 18, 2009

After moving to Windows 7, I wanted to move virtual machine to new Virtual PC 2007 SP1 installation.
Suddenly, Virtual PC displayed this message: “The virtual machine “<VPC Name>” can’t be started because it is being used by another program, or marked as read-only. To start this virtual machine, stop using the virtual machine in another program, or ensure that it is not marked as read-only.” .
The problem is well known.
The solution may be found here: Having problem opening VPC in Vista?
Here are few steps, I copied from source:
1.    Right click on your Microsoft Virtual PC shortcut from the programs.
2.    Select on “Properties”.
3.    Select on the “Compatibility” tab.
4.    Check on the “Privilege Level” to run the application as an Administrator.
5.    Start the VPC and you’re good to go!!!

source: Having problem opening VPC in Vista?

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