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XAML: blend behavious and markup extensions

November 18, 2012

A book, an article, a blog post … but a good lesson is something you cannot miss!

Here is Miguel Castro sessions, last NDC 2012: Extending XAML To Overcome Pretty Much Any Limitation.

2nd part is about Blend behavious and Markup extensions,
to me the most interesting 😉

Just a helpfull example: ContentMargin attached property (thanks to Steven Hollidge). 😉

source: Extending XAML To Overcome Pretty Much Any Limitation

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Async: part2 video from NDC 2012 by Lucian Wischik

November 10, 2012

In this 2nd video, Lucian goes deeper with pattern and anti-pattern, fire-and-forget, IProgress, performance (async vs sync), introducting async in sync programming, and lot of other interesting stuff … helping in the next step with async programming.

A hint: first example is about IProgress, a helpfull and easy way to code decoupling, expecially in UI developments.

Better not miss it! 😉

source: Async Part 2 — deep dive into the new language feature of VB/C#
see also: Lucian Wischik’s blog and Norwegian Developers Conference

see also:

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Async: intro video from NDC 2012 by Lucian Wischik

November 9, 2012

Async … since VS11beta and .Net Fw 4.5 everybody talk about asynchronous programming.

Lot of articles are available on internet, and books as well.

If you prefer the video format, then Lucian Wischik’s session at NDC 2012 would be helpfull: Async Part 1 — new feature in Visual Studio 11 for responsive programming.

source: Async Part 1 — new feature in Visual Studio 11 for responsive programming.

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Advanced MVVM

October 21, 2012

Advanced MVVM by Josh Smith


This e-book is for WPF and Silverlight developers looking to take their Model-View-ViewModel skills to the next level. It reviews how the MVVM design pattern was used to create a fun and addictive game that provides an elegant user experience. Read this e-book to gain insights from Josh Smith, an industry recognized expert in WPF, Silverlight, and MVVM, on how to properly design complex View and ViewModel architectures. Learn how to support unlimited undo, coordinate animated transitions, control modal dialog boxes from a ViewModel, and much more.

Me: I read this book a long ago, when I started writing WPF+MVVM apps. It was helpfull that time, and for WPF/SL+MVVM beginners it’s still husefull.
In your early steps in MVVM, better read it.
It’s less da 60 pages and it’s a very good example about developing a MVVM application.

source: Advanced MVVM

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WPF: first application video tutorial

March 23, 2012

While I was showing some hints on WPF to a friend of mine,
I also found a video tutorial that includes most of them.
Author is Pete Brown, and it made a great job to me: a 32 minutes video showing simple concepts about binding, mvvm, xaml, etc.

If you are approaching WPF, and wonder which side start from,
than this video will help you a lot understanding what WPF offers to you.

It worth have a look. 🙂

source: How Do I: Build My First WPF Application

Install Silverlight

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