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SQL Server Merge Replication troubleshooting [bookmark]

July 29, 2011

Managing merge replication in SQL Server is easy, if your configuration is pretty standard.

But if you have multiple domains and forest? Β and what about different SQL Server updated versions ? which user (service user) to use ?

Here is another document might help: Troubleshooting SQL Server 2008 Merge Replication


VSTO office ribbon [bookmark]

July 27, 2011

Working with VSTO office ribbon, might be sometimes hard.
The more info you have, the simpler it will be.

Here is a free chapter from book Excel 2007 VBA Programmer’s Reference

Read free chaper 14 here: Ribbon X, ch 14.

Entity Framework and GUID primary key

July 9, 2011

Moving Primary Key from Int Identity to UniqueIdentifier (… Guid) it’s a big deal.

Before you decide, better listen more than one voice πŸ™‚
Here is once more: sing a GUID as an EntityKey in Entity Framework 4


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Ramdisk for Visual Studio fast solution compile – part 2

July 2, 2011

Another inprovement, outside Visual Studio, is MSBuild speed, via BaseIntermediateOutputPath project’s property.

Just set it in your project’s file, with path pointing your ramdisk drive, and obj directory will move there .

Here is a very easy hint: How to Dramatically Increase Build Speeds in Visual Studio.

Haven’t test it yet ! 😦

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Ramdisk for Visual Studio fast solution compile

July 1, 2011

Well, when your solution include a few projects, time spent compiling might be quite long.

First solution I tryed was to move tmp build files to ramdisk, in order to boost performance and cut compile time.
It’s an old solution, and (almost) everything is already written, so instructions may be found here Speedup Visual Studio with RAMDIsk
and here Using RAMDisk to Speed Build Times

As you my figure, moved bin directory to ramdisk drive and … my experience: 2’40” time spent down to 1’40” πŸ™‚
BUT … pay attention to other (not encouraging) experiences, here is just one: RAM Disks do not speed up Visual Studio

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