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Simplex algorithm rules

December 29, 2008

(over midnight thoughts)
Simplex algorithm main rule is:

-move to nearby vertex (which one choosed on specific rules), it will be your next by optimum solutions

moving vertex by vertex you’ll reach the very best solution of your function, but … vertex by vertex, you’ll “sacrifice” some variable in favor of another one, that will give you more value … more value … mmmm

This is every day life, ie: personal life, sport, job, family, house, etc;
you “sacrifice” something-here vs something-there to improve your status.

You do this to get a better “status” … unfortunately “best situation” ain’t so easy to achieve, so almost everyone has to “climb the life” and sacrifice something.

Being a little bit more pragmatic, let you choose want you want to sacrifice to climb a step higher.

If you don’t have/want to sacrifice a single thing, then … that’s your optimum!

I’m glad you reached. 😉

Quite unlikely …

December 27, 2008


sorry, I’m too late 😦

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We wish you …

December 24, 2008

We wish you Merry Christmas and Wealthy 2009

don’t you ? 😉

GTD VIDEO: David Allen on YouTube

December 22, 2008

GTD (aka Getting Things Done) is well known.
Here is a speech from David Allen: GTD and the two keys to sustaining a healthy life and workstyle.

source: I lost the source that pointed here, sorry. 😦

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Free Book from Microsoft: “Understanding IPv6, Second Edition”

December 18, 2008

After previous post about networks (read here) here is another pixel for your network image:

Understanding IPv6, Second Edition by Joseph Davies

Now updated for Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista, this guide delivers in-depth technical information on Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6).

Well, you know, it’s holidays of course, but you’ll always find the time for an interesting reading, so … I think I’ll have a look at it next holidays. 😉

(606 pages per 22MB … maybe a quick look 🙂 )

source: Free Books, for reading in the cold days (or warm days for those who live in the southern hemisphere..)

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