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New technology … early adopters

June 30, 2010

Never too late …

source: Godersi il proprio iPad a 99 anni


Project Server 2010: configure after install

June 28, 2010

Sharepoint 2010 installed, then it’s Project Server 2010 time!
Install is very easy … but if it’s your first time, a configuration guide is needed.

Here is a very usefull guide … unfortunately all images missing.

source: SharePoint Server and Project Server 2010 Configuration

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Exploring LinQ

June 23, 2010

LinQ is very powerfull, really really powerfull.

Referring to my last post (LinQ: Max() vs OrderBy()-FirstOrDefault()) here is a similar example:

var i = (from item in listOfItems
where item.Size = listOfItems.Max(i => i.Size)
select item);

What about performance ?
What about that “listOfItems.Max(i => i.Size)” ?
Will be executed every iteration, or cached before cycle ?
Reflector may help you exploring the code LinQ is compiled in.

Dustin Campbell had same idea, with this post. 😉

source: Using Reflector to Explore LINQ

Change language in Sharepoint site

June 20, 2010

Sometimes, or most probabily, several times, you need to change language of a Sharepoint site, from main language, ie english, to another secondary language, ie france, german, chinese, … .
There isn’t a settings in setup section, or something similar.
But you can act in database, following instructions in this post … BUT read carefully Djavan‘s comment:

Interesting, but the only problem here is that modifying directly the DB will invalidate Microsoft’s support

source: Changing the language of an existing SharePoint site

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LinQ: Max() vs OrderBy()-FirstOrDefault()

June 16, 2010

What about this:

var i = (from item in listOfItems
select item).Max();

And what about if listOfItems is empty ?
Max() throws an exceptions, then you change to:

var i = (from item in listOfItems
order by item descending
select item).FirstOrDefault();

but, the last statement has higher cpu usage.

Jon Skeet in A short case study in LINQ efficiency made a performance test very interesting.

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