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(not so) funny (lang italian)

November 30, 2008

Ho scoperto il blog di Giuseppe Cubasia.
Molto simpaticissime le storielle legate al settore IT, esempio: Lavoro IT – Quale PM? , Sindrome di Dilbert.

Se ogni tanto volete farvi una risata (cinica!), fate un salto sul suo blog … oppure fatelo piu’ spesso se non potete vivere senza. 😉
Il resto lo lascio scoprire a voi. 🙂

Google sorts 1TB in 68 seconds and 1PB in …

November 28, 2008

We are excited to announce we were able to sort 1TB (stored on the Google File System as 10 billion 100-byte records in uncompressed text files) on 1,000 computers in 68 seconds. By comparison, the previous 1TB sorting record is 209 seconds on 910 computers.
It took six hours and two minutes to sort 1PB (10 trillion 100-byte records) on 4,000 computers. We’re not aware of any other sorting experiment at this scale and are obviously very excited to be able to process so much data so quickly.

source: Sorting 1PB with MapReduce

Who’s gonna invest on you ?

November 24, 2008

Let me be clear, these are tough times and nobody want to spend money and if they have to, they don’t want to waste it.

Predictive companies invested in their products (whatever they are), developed their salesforce, and so on. 😉

Nobody want pay money for useless things, now more than ever.

Customers cut budgets, evaluate tools twice, ROI and more, in order to spend (invest!) their money only in the right tool.

So, which tool they are going to choose ?

Of course, the good one. 😉

You don’t need edge technologies nor best tools, but
if you, the software house, didn’t invest in your products, your resource of money, why should your customers invest on you (*) ?

(*) read: buy your products

Keep your business up-to-date, and your customers will invest on you.
If you leave your business behind you … guess where you’ll be ?

These times are hard times, what are your goals ?
Why don’t you invest in your future ?

Reporting Services 2008 Express: (supported and) unsupported features

November 22, 2008

Few unsupported features in 2008 Express Edition … 😦

  • Remote data sources are not supported. Reports that are hosted in a SQL Server Express report server must retrieve SQL Server relational data from a local SQL Server Express Database Engine instance.
  • TIFF (Image), XML, and CSV rendering extensions are not supported.
  • Custom authentication extensions and custom role assignments are not supported. You must map existing Windows domain user and group accounts to predefined role definitions.

source: Features Supported by Reporting Services in SQL Server Express

more info on SQL Server 2008 family here

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Product Lifecycle (solving problems, scope, roadmap, delivering) and a pinch of Agile

November 18, 2008

Here are few words about Product Lifecycle, using Agile methodologies.

Maybe you would like to…
maybe you know where to start from…
maybe …
don’t know long future next steps …
don’t want to move wrong direction …
ecc … you know man! 😉

Well, these posts are not a step-by-step guide, are not a maestro, they are likely an eye to your very next future,
what you can do with Agile during your daily job.

I hope you’ll learn a (short) good lesson.

Product Lifecycle: Part 1 – solving problems
Product Lifecycle: Part 2 – scope
Product Lifecycle: Part 3 – the roadmap
Product Lifecycle: Part 4 – delivering

source: Business Savvy Software

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