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Programming by Coincidence

July 21, 2007

In past days I wrote about reporting bugs.
Where do bugs born ? Who knows! 🙂
Bugs happen for several reasons: quick fix, stress, “don’t know what I’m doing“syndrome, and lots more.
The Pragmatic Programmer talks about Programming by Coincidence:

This “programming life-style” affect the basic idea of business; it doesn’t let you focus your efforts on solving business problems, but on bug hunting and regression testing.

Maybe this is not your situation but … who knows.

XeDotNet agenda: 2007 season part II meetings

July 19, 2007

Well …
XeDotNet agenda has been updated for 2007 part II season;
there are 4 meetings, these are the arguments:

Full agenda is available here

See you in September 😉

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RegExp: our love, our pain !

July 15, 2007

If it is easy, we don’t care!

This should be the incipit of every regexp book;
learning this “black art-like technology” may be sometime really difficult, but once you rule it you gains in productivity.
Learning curve may be quite flat in the beginning, but don’t give up and you’ll be refund of the time spent. 😉

If you have some difficulties, google may help you 😉
but The Regulator helps you much much more;
thanks to Roy Osherove for creating this powerful instrument 😉

Another source of information is
I can’t tell you more then “you must see them by yourself as soon as possible!” 😉

Regexp is another very very good “tool” just waiting for you.

Don’t waste your time: regexp yourself! 😉

forget about it! (cit)

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VS 2005 + Team Explorer + SP1 = Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Premier Partner Edition ENU ?

July 12, 2007

Sorvolo sulle tempistiche di installazione, ne hanno parlato a profusione molte persone.

Raggiunta (in agonia 🙂 ) la fine dell’installazione viene chiesto il riavvio, io tutto fiducioso seleziono e procedo al reboot.
Al login, la procedura di installazione riprende 😮 chiedendomi un file “vs_setup.msi” di un fantomatico “Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Premier Partner Edition ENU”.
Ma sto aggiornando Visual Studio Professional. Che sara’ mai questo Visual Studio ?
Un veloce controllo all’interno del cd di TFS (avevo installato TFS Explorer) e la ricerca dell’agoniato file ha dato il seguente esito:

Z:\>dir T:\\vs*.msi /s
Directory of T:\\at
10/03/2006  03.29         4.312.064 vs_setup.msi
1 File(s)      4.312.064 bytes

Directory of T:\\atdt
10/03/2006  03.29         7.080.448 vs_setup.msi
1 File(s)      7.080.448 bytes

Directory of T:\\build
10/03/2006  03.29        39.292.928 vs_setup.msi
1 File(s)     39.292.928 bytes

Directory of T:\\dt
10/03/2006  03.29         3.914.752 vs_setup.msi
1 File(s)      3.914.752 bytes

Directory of T:\\proxy
10/03/2006  03.29         1.504.256 vs_setup.msi
1 File(s)      1.504.256 bytes

Directory of T:\\tfc
10/03/2006  03.29        19.068.928 vs_setup.msi
1 File(s)     19.068.928 bytes

Directory of T:\\tfc\wcu\PPE
15/11/2005  18.59         8.851.968 vs_setup.msi
1 File(s)      8.851.968 bytes

In questo post Visual Studio 2005 Settings Trick ho trovato una cosa interessante:

The Premier Partner Edition (aka PPE) of Visual Studio is another edition of Visual Studio like Standard, Professional and Visual Studio Team System Architect Edition.

Il mio Visual Studio e’ stato promosso da Professional a PPE senza farmelo sapere.

Ecco sprecata una buona occasione per far festa 😀

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Working Without Transactions

July 10, 2007

Some days ago, I was having a dinner with some important people.
One topic of discussion hitted my head:

eBay doesn’t use transactions, store procedures, etc; the “dirty” job is done by business logic.

I was sure they weren’t wrong, but I hadn’t time to ask reference … to understand why they eBay choose that way.

mmmm let me google … that’s it!

I found a Martin Fowler‘s post about it: Transactionless.

This heavy partitioning, and the database’s central role in performance issues, means that eBay doesn’t use many other database facilities. Referential integrity and sorting are done in application code. There’s hardly any triggers or stored procedures.

Now I understand why eBay did so.

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