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(re-reading GTD) process your tasks II

March 30, 2009

Now you have lots of lists, and don’t know yet what to do with them.
Everybody has his planning system (or it’s supposed to be), now it’s time identify and build up your and rely on it.
For every single task, you need to have a clear idea about:

  • purpose: identify clearly the purpose of the task in your hand, ask yourself (and others) “WHY ?”, don’t be shy, ask WHY?
  • principles: identify clearly the rules that define standard level, sometimes you identifies principles that rule the task within the purpose-step

    Whereas purpose provides the juice and the direction, principles define the parameters of action and the criteria for excellence of behavior.

  • vision: identify clearly what the succesfull result look like. ask yourself WHAT?

Then, you master the task finally, it’s time to get a plan, to move on:

  • brainstorming: share your ideas with others, every idea even bad one will be useful, you don’t know until you get it compared with others, please don’t throw away anything. this step will bring you the HOW?


  • organize: it’s time to look those slice of information and sort them, identifying the “Next Action”

If you can’t do it, identify which steps you need to walk again and again, in order to get a complete scenario of the tasks… maybe you need to get a deeper look at one of HOW, or WHAT or WHY, of all of them.
Do it until you reach the right confidence, until you identify the “Next Action” for every task.

You need essentially no new skills-you already know how to write things down, clarify outcomes, decide next actions, put things into categories, review it all, and make intuitive choices. right now you have the ability to focus on successful results,brainstorm, organize your thinking, and get moving on your next steps.

These steps will guide you (and your brain too πŸ˜‰ ) throught the lists and help you defining priorities, goals, ecc

to be continue…

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GTD: few more videos

March 25, 2009

Take a Tour of David Allen’s Office

GTD “Getting Things Done” step1

GTD “Getting Things Done” step2

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GTD: a couple videos

March 23, 2009

How to File your Papers the GTD way

Create a GTD Notebook

source: heathervescent

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Samsung i607 Blackjack hard reset

March 18, 2009

How to hard reset your Samsung i607 Blackjack

Resetting your Phone

When the phone is powered off press the Up Navigation key and the Power key at the same time

Storage and setting are wiped clean, eject the microSD memory card before doing a hard reset.


You can reset your phone’s settings and clear all added
data from memory.

Resetting the Phone

1. On the Home screen, press the Start soft key
2. Select Settings > More… > Security > More… > Reset.
3. Enter the reset password and press the Done soft key. The default password is 0000.
4. Press the Yes soft key to confirm. The phone resets and reboots itself.

Didn’t test it yet! πŸ™‚

source: Samsung i607 Blackjack hard reset

“Hit by a bus” scenario

March 16, 2009

“Hit by a bus” scenario is very important when you run a one-man team, or a one-man company.
Do you ever mind to it ? And pair-programming or pair-managing?
That concern should be with you every day.
Is customer’s fault to rely on a single supplier or should you be prepared to this scenario ?

Here are some posts you might learn from:
Programmer hit by a bus
Nerd Sniping

Here a couple of funny sentences, copied from Joel’s forum:

  1. “Al, we need you to comment your code in case you get bitten by a mosquito over the weekend.”

    Tuesday, June 08, 2004
  2. Can you imagine the look on your manager’s face if you were to suggest that *he/she* were interchangeable? πŸ™‚ “But, I’m management!”

    Tuesday, June 08, 2004

source: Getting hit by a bus from Joel on Software’s forum

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