Samsung i607 Blackjack hard reset

How to hard reset your Samsung i607 Blackjack

Resetting your Phone

When the phone is powered off press the Up Navigation key and the Power key at the same time

Storage and setting are wiped clean, eject the microSD memory card before doing a hard reset.


You can reset your phone’s settings and clear all added
data from memory.

Resetting the Phone

1. On the Home screen, press the Start soft key
2. Select Settings > More… > Security > More… > Reset.
3. Enter the reset password and press the Done soft key. The default password is 0000.
4. Press the Yes soft key to confirm. The phone resets and reboots itself.

Didn’t test it yet! 🙂

source: Samsung i607 Blackjack hard reset


6 Responses to “Samsung i607 Blackjack hard reset”

  1. wclang Says:

    Worked like a charm.. Thanks!!

  2. Zach Says:

    Thank you very much!!!! My phone wouldn’t let me open the messaging on it, and know it does. Thanks!

  3. Bora Says:

    awesome! wish i found this earlier!

    thank you

  4. Sameera Says:

    Any idea what is the exe that is executed when this reset is called?

  5. robertoschiabel Says:

    I’m sorry, I don’t know 😦

  6. michael opoku Says:

    please am using samsung i607 but it has go to phone off how would i do to come normal

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