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Chiaro no?!?

April 24, 2008

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Questa versione mi piace di piu’:

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Un altro caso di localizzazione da curare?

I’m lovin it!


Human factor

April 20, 2008

The completely automated baggage system at Heathrow Airport’s new Terminal 5 has failed since its first day (read).
Is human factor the root cause ?
Is blind faith in computer the cause ?
Is science (=computer) failing ?

Most of the times it’s human factor, whenever blind faith or wrong planning.
More: Baggages were sended to Milan (is it Malpensa?!? oh my! :D)
read here British Airways gets Italy’s help in returning misplaced luggage
and here The plane truth: The secret life of luggage

more info about human factor Just a Little Bit of Software History Repeating

What is XHTML ?

April 14, 2008

Wikipedia has its page here.

If you need a short good tutorial, W3C School has a good one: Introduction to XHTML .

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GPS vs Software Development

April 12, 2008

GPS rules:

  • the shortest path isn’t always the fastest
  • the fastest path isn’t always the cheapest
  • the cheapest path isn’t always the easyest

It’s something I’ve already hear about … but where???

Software development ?!??!

Look at these software rules:

  • I can do it quick.
  • I can do it cheap.
  • I can do it well.

( cit.: Pick any two. 😉 )

It’s so strange that lots of people still don’t know these basic rules. 😦

Bye bye & Good Luck Lorenzo

April 6, 2008

Lorenzo Barbieri just said it in his post here.

He will dismiss MVP dresses, and wear Microsoft Official Uniform.

We wish you all the best 😉