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browsers: last closed tab(s) and other features …

August 23, 2011

Well, Opera and Chrome have some features very interesting, where Firefox is missing (???).

  • Opera and Chrome: last closed tabs (yes, more than one)
  • Firefox: last closed tab (Ctrl+Shift+T)
  • Opera: turbo , a transmission compressed so less bandwith needed

Of course, Firefox have loooooooots of interesting add-ons …. just one: AdBLock+ 😉

Kanban or Scrum or mix

August 20, 2011

Mayb, you’re encoutering some stones on your path
and you think it might be sensefull switch or mix them .

Here is a honest report about moving from Scrum to Kanban, by Samuli Heljo
with pros & cons: Reflections on Kanban vs. Scrum development

Hope it helps you on your way to a successfull project 😉

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Visual Studio: how to know which project type is a project

August 18, 2011

Some projects have same icon … same as Class Library icon usually. 😦
So, it happens you can’t remember what type exactly it’s that project: it’s a Class  Library project or … ?

A way to identify the exact project type is having a look inside project file (ie: .csproj  for C# project) and take note of “ProjectTypeGuid” value.
These links have a list of possible project type guids:

It isn’t the simplest, but it works! 🙂

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Visual Studio: import/export settings before reset

August 14, 2011

Before reset Visual Studio settings, for whatever reason you need it, remember to run export wizard.
It’s the old tale about backup … 😉

On MSDN you may find instructions about How to: Reset Your Settings.

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SQL Server Replication and Entity Framework

August 11, 2011

When setup database merge replication, rowguid columns are added to every table automatically, identity cannot be used as primary key in this replication.
This rowguid column has default value, so your app doesn’t need to be updated … but, in EF you can update model from database schema, then all these rowguid columns are imported … and EF will raise error build. 😦

Column MyTable.rowguid in table MyTable must be mapped: It has no default value and is not nullable.

The quick&dirty solution is: edit .edmx file, and delete all rowguid columns, and everything related.

A better solution is to write an EF add-in extension, in order to filter away rowguid columns …
unfortunately, I can’t provide any link because can’t remember where I read that tip 😦
here is a post: Error 3032 during EF 4.0 validation  ,  last reply by JendaPearl
hope it helps! 😉

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