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Kanban for skeptics by Nick Oostvogels

December 29, 2012

Someone says: well, if you can’t play Scrum, play Kanban!
because that someone means of it as Scrum’s fallback.

But, it’s not!
Kanban is not just WIP limits, and this book gives you a deeper knoledge of Kanban’s way, the idea behind, estimates, measurement, teams, cooperation … where everyone is involved in end-to-end process.

Here are some bold points:

  • bug:
    As soon as this happens, the team should have a natural reflex to drop what they started on and fix the feature immediatly. […] In Kanban bugs causes the flow to be interruped and the people to get stuck because of the WIP limits that are reached
  • team members reassignent:
    Kanban simplifies this issue significantly. By letting a team work on one continuos flow, they don’t need to be reassigned over and over again

  • stakeholders’s focus:
    if stakeholder can focus onn the products, and not on the resource planning,they can make better economical decisions[…]it’s now a business decision based on the needs of the customers and the organization

  • silo:
    the answer[…] is to create cross silo functions who’s task lies in creating alignment and controlling the end to end process.[…] Teams get busted out ot their silo thinking by becoming part of an end to end process

last one:

It is a strange idea that by measuring flow instead of setting deadlines, work will be done efficiently. Kanban create awareness on the importanceof every phase in the process. Instead of pushing each individual phase to go faster, we optimize the whole.

source: Kanban for skeptics

source: Kanban for skeptics (article on InfoQ)

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The Scrum Primer

December 27, 2012

Living these holidays a good way: reading books! 🙂

Going again the Scrum road, because of this book The Scrum Primer (available here)
New to Scrum? short eperienced?
this book helps you understand better what Scrum is for, also strenghtness and weakness compared to your context.
It helped me clearing couple of foggy areas I always wanted to know more about,
in example: do PO is a lone person? or is it better if shared among some people? … being a PO is a job that comes with great honor but greater responsibility, “life” of product backlog, when&where priorities can changes, dev team duties, sprint’s length, sprint review (it is not just a demo), definition of done (remember potentially shippable product) … and much much much more I don’t want to reveal 😉

There are also some areas I’d read more details about: sprint review, sprint retrospective, daily duties of scrum master, cooperation among the whole scrum team …

More than just the usual blog post, article, etc … this short ebook worth a couple reads 😉

thanks to Fabio Armani for sharing this ebook 🙂

source: The Scrum Primer (by InfoQ)
source: Scrum Primer (via linkedin)

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un omaggio inatteso: ebook ‘TFS 2012 Starter’ by Packpub

December 23, 2012

Una bella sorpresa, Packpub mi ha fatto un omaggio inatteso e veramente bello.

TFS2012Starter_coverMi ha dotato di una copia del libro Team Foundation Server 2012 Starter .
L’ho appena ricevuto e lo leggerò nei prossimi giorni, quindi aspettatevi una recensione non appena l’avrò finito;
vi renderò così partecipi di questo regalo … anzi di più, condividerò questo regalo con voi.
Nel frattempo, per chi non lo conoscesse, vi descrivo in 2-parole-2 cosa è Microsoft TFS.

Il TFS, come lo chiamerete amichevolmente, è un applicativo che permette di gestire lo sviluppo di progetti software;
TFS integra e fornisce le funzionalità di diversi applicativi in una, perdonatemi la semplificazione, unica interfaccia, inoltre è integrato molto bene con Visual Studio;
alcune fra le più importanti sono:
– source control
– task scheduling
– bug tracking
ma ci sono anche molti report che danno una rappresentazione di sintetica e di immediato utilizzo sullo stato corrente e futuro del progetto.

Per il momento mi fermo qui, non voglio rovinarvi la sorpresa. 😉

A breve pubblicherò la recensione del libro Team Foundation Server 2012 Starter . 🙂

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Microsoft TFS 2010-2012 and templates (Scrum, MSF Agile) … useful TFS 2010-2012 links

December 16, 2012

If you are looking for TFS templates, MSF Agile and Scrum, you’ll find lot of info of course.
Furthermore, recently TFS Service has been release, with its Scrum 2.1 and MSF Agile 6.1 templates.

Here is my short bookmarks list, hoping it saves your time:


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Patterns Patterns Patterns

December 3, 2012

Design Patterns … they are already well known by may developers … but junior ones may not.
In this video Venkat Subramaniam show some simple patterns Abstract Factory, Cascade, Behaviour, and others … and tell some tips about writing code in unit tests, a good way for expected excpetions.

Venkat Subramaniam – Design Patterns for .NET Programmers from NDCOslo on Vimeo.

source: Design Patterns for .NET Programmers

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