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Know the domain model

June 25, 2011

Some knowledge is simply a must!
One of them is: the domain model.
I mean not just the classes, the links, the n-tiers … I mean actually the simply domain where business runs, the real world domain.

If that domain model isn’t clear enough, isn’t mapped extremely fine … every transformation in bits&bytes might become a lost of time, energy, power.

… a few things to keep in mind 😉

Shortcuts don’t pay …

June 19, 2011

… every time!
… most of the times!

in IT, shortcuts create some … debt … you’ll bring with yourself and when you’ll pay back that debt, interests could be even bigger you ever thinked.

prepare yourself to the interests 😉

in other words, this is Agile Technical Debt

read more: Using Agile Techniques to Pay Back Technical Debt

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Todolist 6.2.5 release

June 18, 2011

Version 6.2.5 is freshly released! 😉
Here is a summary changelog:

  • FreeMind exporter fixed to write out text as unicode characters
  • Rewritten CSV exporter/importer (needs lots of testing)
  • Various UI tweaks
  • Export/Import dependencies to Gantt Exporter
  • many others … 🙂
  • Several bugfixes

source: ToDoList Resources

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Tekpub: thanks to UgiAlt.Net

June 12, 2011

UgiAlt.Net, via Emanuele DelBono, gifted a 1-month-free subscription.

Found a couple courses very interesting to me:
-Mastering Linq (9 episodes)
-Mastering Entity Framework 4 (6 episodes)

Both provide a wide view on these technologies, simple ‘n easy to understand.

Tekpub also offer other courses on Microsoft tech: C# 4.0, MVC, NHibernate 2, Silverlight, …
plus, courses on: Rail 3, Git, Mercurial …

This is a very good opportunity from UgiAlt.Net, because my test app with EF need some boost.

So, thank you Emanuale !
Thanks UgiAlt.Net ! 🙂

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Xedotnet meeting: Test Driving a MVVM Application + .Net Micro FW sessions

June 11, 2011

Yesterday was last Xedotnet meeting of 2011 season-part 1.

Test Driving a MVVM Application
Speaker: Emanuele DelBono

A short, brief and complete intro on TDD & WPF.
A sort of step-by-step guide, hands on code, with pomodoro too! 😉

very very happy not missed it 🙂

#Session 2
Introduzione a .NET Micro Framework
Speaker: Mirco Vanini – Senior Consultant

We needed it!
Since 2009, a lot of changes have happened.
The project’s team moved to Visual Studio, micro framework’s code is on codeplex, porting kit is free … a lots of others.

Mirco reported every one of them, and helped us to figure out the current situation.

Both session, involving and very professional speakers.

Xedotnet: +2, once more 😉

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