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customer feedback delayed

September 25, 2011

Sometimes customer’s feedback doesn’t come so quickliy, and another deploy has gone without a couple features.

How to handle it right?

Is it the customer ?  Does have he to answer quickly? or can he answers during another sprint?
I mean feature is tested and ok, but cannot be deployed because of customer validation missing.

First of all, why customer doesn’t have check to that feature ?
That’s the moment to have a talk with customer to clearify priorities … maybe that features was not so important, or maybe there is something very urgent that he cares of.

Customers or not, your are paying extra time&money handling that “feature not to be” off every deploy until customer will answer.
This is a technical issue customer won’t care at all, and a couple of solutions might be:
-branch per feature  😦
-feature flag (Feature Flags made easy e FeatureToggle)

Honestly, I woukld not add new IF-THEN-ELSE statements (what about anti-if campaign ?) jsut to keep out that code,
branch per feature seems a good idea … but you’ll pay the whole bill when you re-align branch to trunk,
or you add that “feature-sth” pattern … it may solve when it’s a well delimited piece of code or method/function/…
but if that features touched lots lines of code, or web pages? 😦

No best solution so far, except asking customer evaluate those “pending features” quickly. 🙂

Thanks to XP-IT mailing list.

AverMedia: scan frequencies issue

September 1, 2011

Just a hint, in case you’re experiencing same output.

Avermedia “scan frequencies”  commad return same 5-channel-group 😦
Updating to new 6.x version didn’t work,
So, thanks to Avermedia support for silving it: lately Windows 7 SP1 changed something.

Just setting Avermedia compatibility to Windows7 (or Windows Vista SP1) turned scan frequencies working.

Avermedia FAQ has preciuos hints 🙂