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Google Italia: trust it or not ?

January 31, 2009

Today, running a query on Google Italy, I got this answer back


The message “Questo sito potrebbe recare danni al tuo computer” (english “This site may cause damage to harm your computer”) was applied to every single result.
May I trust Google Italia?
Or should I trust ? 😀
That link take to an alert page, telling that the site (every site) wasn’t secure … for my computer. (sorry, no screenshot 😦 )

Same search on gave me this answer 😉


I wasn’t alone, look here and here. 😀

UPDATE: read more on Repubblica and TGCOM (thanks to Pietro Libro).
UPDATE2: read more here, where you may see missing screenshot.

XedotNet: season 2009 part I calendar

January 30, 2009

XedotNet‘s on the road again 😉
Here is brand new calendar of season 2009-part I.

  • Windows Presentation Foundation
  • Friday january 30 2009 – Speaker: Davide Vernole

  • Silverlight 2.0 – Networking Explained
  • Friday Febrauary 27 2009 – Speaker: Andrea Boschin

  • Test Driven Development
  • Friday April 3 2009 – Speaker: Mauro Servienti

  • NetTiers & Code Generation
  • Friday May 8 2009 – Speaker: Davide Senatore

  • Programming C# 3.0
  • Friday June 5 2009 – Speaker: Andrea Dottor

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Internet Exploer 8 (IE8) RC1 VPC image download available too

January 28, 2009

IE8 RC1 has been released.
You may download it here.

Now VPC image is available too. 🙂

You may download it here 😉

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Interruptions represent a waste of time

January 27, 2009

(over midnight thoughts)
While you’re focusing your mind on your task, your phone ring once, twice and more.
You answer the call, you lost your focus, you spend time to re-sync your mind to the task.

The more interruptions you accept, the more time you loose on resync your mind.

This is a universal rule, accepted by almost everyone.
Avoid interruptions means reduce wasting of time, so getting things done better and quicker.
You may find lots of posts about this argument, with lots of solutions/methods/etc.
One example is The art of radical exclusion.

Have a nice reading.

Moving to Windows 7: bluetooth really slow?

January 26, 2009

On the way to Windows 7, I discovered my UMTS data link (via bluetooth mobile) is really really slow.
Same connection works good on XP.

Maybe it’s bluetooth usb key driver.
I’ll have a deeper look.

UPDATE: almost no delay via usb data link.

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