Interruptions represent a waste of time

(over midnight thoughts)
While you’re focusing your mind on your task, your phone ring once, twice and more.
You answer the call, you lost your focus, you spend time to re-sync your mind to the task.

The more interruptions you accept, the more time you loose on resync your mind.

This is a universal rule, accepted by almost everyone.
Avoid interruptions means reduce wasting of time, so getting things done better and quicker.
You may find lots of posts about this argument, with lots of solutions/methods/etc.
One example is The art of radical exclusion.

Have a nice reading.


2 Responses to “Interruptions represent a waste of time”

  1. Rik Says:

    Yes, you’re right…I give you just a hint: next time remember to switch off the mobile phone. Goodnight.

  2. Know your time: task scheduling in multiple customers/projects scenario « a developer’s breadcrumb Says:

    […] so all customers will be hangry plus you’ll loose your focus very quickly (remember: Interruptions represent a waste of time!!!) -some sort of mix,: task1 on 1st week, then a 2 days/task […]

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