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CollectionViewSource: avoid useless refresh

April 23, 2013

Interacting with CollectionViewSource is an effective way to implement special behaviours our end users very eager of.
CollectionViewSource showes almost immediately its result, but when you move big quantity of data, it might update too often;
end users’ feedback might be something … inelegant (ie: why list is flashing ?)

A simple solution is DeferRefresh() method, postpone useless refresh and will show last one.
Sample code might be:

ICollectionView dataView = CollectionViewSource.GetDefaultView(listBox.ItemsSource);
using (dataView.DeferRefresh())
   SortDescription sd = new SortDescription(newField, ListSortDirection.Ascending);

source: CollectionView.DeferRefresh() : My new best friend

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Parallel computing: Amdahl’s Law and Gustafson’s Law

March 23, 2013

Parallel computing theory has basis are Amdahl’s Law and Gustafson’s Law.

They seemed to be different, the second better than the first .. but they are not!
Here is an article where Yuan Shi tell us the history, why they are not so different, plus some maths 😉

Reevaluating Amdahl’s Law and Gustafson’s Law

If you’re new tow parallel computing theory, then better have a read.
Enjoy it! 🙂

WPF evolving …

August 8, 2012

For three I’m with WPF tech, looking for hight tech solutions, clever ideas, snippets and everything fresh and new in WPF desktop app.
In the meanwhile, lots of ASP.NET MVC blog posts and articles, tutorials … regarding v 1, v2, …

Here I found similar questions about WPF in this post: Six years of WPF; what’s changed? .

To who think tech must be everstopping, evolving area …

source: Six years of WPF; what’s changed?

Microsoft new releases: Visual Studio 2012RC, Windows 8 Release Preview

June 2, 2012

Yesterday Microsoft released new fresh versions of  Visual Studio and Windows 8.
Previouses were: Visual Studio 11 beta, Windows 8 Consumer Preview.
Now are available brand new releases: Visual Studio 2012 RC, Team Foundation Server 2012 RCWindows 8 Release Preview.

Furthermore, a new blog: Developer Tools Blogs  .

Happy download & re-install.

Getting things done (in italiano)

April 14, 2012

Recentemente ho potuto spiegare il GTD ad una persona.
La spiegazione dal vivo ha notevolmente semplificato la lezione, ma serviva qualcosa di scritto per ripassare, chiarire dubbi post lezione, ecc.

Cercando in rete ho trovato questi post (in italiano!) di Michele Toscan, utili come ripasso, pareri da chi lo usa, e come infarinatura, prima di leggere il libro (che va letto!),

buona lettura! 😉

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