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Excel poisoning #4: “Error 400” on evaluating formulas

April 10, 2011

Sometimes you get a “Error 400” generic message from your spreadsheet.
It’s a formula getting crazy or it may be you writing wrong formulas 🙂

Here are a couple solution maight be helpfull: Cells(1, 3).Formula = “=IF(B1>0;A1;B1)” — Error 400 , Avoid Error Displays In Formulas

Access poisoning: master/detail forms in subform

April 9, 2011

When you already have a form-subform (FormA and SubFormB), you can’t add a sub-subform (SubFormC) to SubFormB, and keep it (SubFormB) in Continuos Form but change to Single Form.

Solution: move the SubFormC to SubFormB’s footer 😉

soource: Access Master/Detail Continuous Form

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Excel poisoning #3: writing formula in cell

April 2, 2011

Before this post, better read previous about cell address.

Here are a sample on writing formula in a cell:

myRange.Cells(2, 2).Formula = “=SUM(A1:A4)”

More: localization may get you some headache, so True/False better be written in english, and parameters my be “,” separated, not “;” . 😉

source: Office Space: Tips and Tricks for Scripting Microsoft Office Applications