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Arkanoid on XSA50 board

February 14, 2009

It was few xxx ago, when Thomas L. and me had to play with XSA50 board, producted by Xess Corp.

We decided not to build up another termometer, yard irrigator, microwave, satellite controller 😀 or whatsoever.
We decided to made something funny … an arcade game.
Why did we choose an arcade game ?
Well XSA 50 isn’t a Core 2, nor a PowePC601, neither a 80286.

XsA50’s chip is very very very different from a common cpu as we normally think about and, from some points of view less powerfull: it’s a FPGA!
So we needed a game really handy, and same kind of famous.
We searched a lot and finally we landed on Arkanoid, specially on Thijs van As’s version.

First of all, let me thank Thijs van As for his precious help; we really appreciated it.
He let us took his VHD code, apply some re-factoring in order to get a XSA50 playable version.

Thjs van As’s version run on Spartan-3E Starter Kit, so we had to change our input system,
testing first keyboard then mouse, and finally choosing this one as input system (remind limited resources! ;)).
We made some refactoring of Spartan3E version, because of XSA50 chip (less memory, less cells, less everything 🙂 ).
After a lot of effort, what we finally obtained was a game that fits in XSA50 chip and runs only with it: no external memory needed, no other circuits more that XSA50 chip offers (except PS2 :)), even standard XSA50 board could be too much. 😉

Could we get a brighter game, smarter code, ecc  ???
Of course we could ;), but none could add more features and tune it, to let it runs with XSA50 chip resources only. 😉
We got represents a new beginning to whoever want to improved it. 😉
So, here is where a new adventure begins … “PRESS BUTTON1 TO PLAY” 😉

Once again, thank you very much to Thijs van As.

Thijs van As site:
Thijs van As’ Arkanoid version code:
Thijs van As’ Arkanoid version video:
Mouse VHD routine:

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