waiting for a new TFS ebook: ‘Team Foundation Server 2013 Customization’ by Packpub

April 6, 2014

Flash news: new TFS ebook is on his way to my box , Packpub sent this new book “Team Foundation Server 2013 Customization” http://bit.ly/MX0yVb .

I will read it, obviously and share my feedback with you, so a review will be published soon here.

HEY TFS’s fans … stay tuned! :)

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Packt Publishing’s 2000th title: “Buy One, Get One Free” offer

March 23, 2014

Packt Publishing reached a remarkable result: 2000th titles!

And guess what? …  they are inviting you to join the party and have a special present for you.

Packt Publishing is running this offer: “Buy One, Get One Free on all of Packt’s 2000 ebooks”

This motto is self-explaining, ain’t it ?

So, just remember these rules:

  • Unlimited purchases during the offer period
  • Offer is automatically applied at checkout

or do they seems more benefits than rules ? ;)

Do you need to know more? Read here: http://bit.ly/1j26nPN

This offer will end soon, only few days to 26 Mar … so HURRY UP!!!

source: http://bit.ly/1j26nPN

Work item state diagram in TFS

July 21, 2013

It happened lot of times in the past years and of course it will happen again, for many of us…do you remember the correct workflow for every work item in TFS ?
Is it Done or Complete the next state? ;)

Here are url of some work items’ life cycle:

and here are all others work items in TFS Scrum
Scrum Process Template for Visual Studio ALM

source: Application Lifecycle Management with Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server

Better be ready next time ;)

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CollectionViewSource: avoid useless refresh

April 23, 2013

Interacting with CollectionViewSource is an effective way to implement special behaviours our end users very eager of.
CollectionViewSource showes almost immediately its result, but when you move big quantity of data, it might update too often;
end users’ feedback might be something … inelegant (ie: why list is flashing ?)

A simple solution is DeferRefresh() method, postpone useless refresh and will show last one.
Sample code might be:

ICollectionView dataView = CollectionViewSource.GetDefaultView(listBox.ItemsSource);
using (dataView.DeferRefresh())
   SortDescription sd = new SortDescription(newField, ListSortDirection.Ascending);

source: CollectionView.DeferRefresh() : My new best friend

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VirtualBox: how to move a vm to another disk

April 21, 2013

It has passed long time, since I learned to sotre vm disks (vdi,vhd,…) among several disks (physical disks, nas, usb, network, …), for performance issues.

It happens also to move VMs from one disk to another (brabd new 3TB hard disk :) ) or pc-to-pc.

This post in Virtual Box forum is really usefull: How to move a VM to another disk (same machine), this post has helpfull step-by-step instruction.

Here I copy them briefly, but remember to read full post

1.) Copy your “VirtualBox VMs” folder from its current location which is “C:\” to any location you desire. (Remember,Do not delete yet. Only copy,just incase.)

2.) Change your “Default Machine Folder” to the new location.

3.) Now go back to your VirtualBox Manager. Right click on your Guests and click “Remove”. It’ll pop up with 3 options, IMPORTANT: Click on “Remove only”. (Remember,Do not delete anything yet).

4.) Now close your VirtualBox Manager. And then Right click on toolbar “Start Task Manager”. Inside Task Manager, go to “Processes”…. Check to see if “VBoxSVC.exe” is still running…. If yes, click on it and “End Process” …If no,it has timed out and you’re good to go. F5 to refresh your desktop.

5.) Open your VirtualBox Manager again. Go to “Machine,Add”. Your new location should be there automatically. If not, just locate,Then use the add feature to add your guests back one at a time. (select the *.vbox file).

Hope it helps

Next step: and what about a vdi with snapshots?

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