Parallel computing: Amdahl and Lawn mower laws

First approach to parallel computing is inspiring, astonishing … and you think your problems will be vaporized thanks to parallel …. but that’s not! I’m sorry 😦

You cannot parallelize everything, and even if you can do it, you need to coordinate, orchestrate … and other silly things that will settle down your theoric speed up.

First of all, you need to know a very famous rule: Amdhal’s law.
Very simple: a parallel application, is composed by a serial part and a parallel part; the more processors you get, the shorter will be the parallel part … but the serial part will always be there;
so if you want to know the speed up (“full serial app” vs “parallel app”), keep in mind the serial part of parallel application will settle down your hopes 😦

Here is a video explains better Amdahl’s law, by Douglas Eadline – Linux Magazine : Understanding Parallel Computing: Amdahl’s Law

And, the 2nd part, the Lawn mower law, same author: Understanding Parallel Computing (Part 2): The Lawn Mower Law

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