Dell Studio ‘break’ key

Following an old post on Dell Studio laptops …
It seems that ‘break’ key has a replacement, and it’s always been there: Fn+F12.
So, for those of you that need Ctrl+Break, try instead Ctrl+Fn+F12 😉

EnricoG tryed with his Dell Studio XPS (Visual Studio), and it worked!
Thank you!

I tryed on my Dell Studio 1557, but it didn’t  😦

source #1: Dell Studio 1555: missing PAUSE/BREAK key
source #2: Missing “Pause / Break” Key On Dell Studio Laptops
source #3: Problems with Dell Latitude E6400

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One Response to “Dell Studio ‘break’ key”

  1. rashmi Says:


    Thank You for the tip ctrl+fn+f12 key combination worked; however the output did scroll pretty fast; is there a way where we can paginate the output.


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