WP7: Silverlight & Bing Maps

MSDN has a very simple & usefull course about Silverlight & Bing Maps, in Windows Phone 7 😉

This course is located here: Silverlight for Windows Phone > Using Bing Maps

This course has been moved from Channel9, but links are invalid 😦
Here I reconstruct the index, with correct links 😉

  1. Overview: msdn | channel9 (google cache)
  2. Exercise 1: Introduction to the Bing Map Control: msdn | channel9 (google cache)
  3. Exercise 2: Handling and Customizing Pushpins: msdn | channel9 (google cache)
  4. Exercise 3: Calculating a Route: msdn | channel9 (google cache)

ps: Learn section on MSDN in very very usefull, with “How do I” videos, training courses on Windows Azure, Windows Phone 7, and … did’nt find a VB6 course 😀
If you never visited, better spend a minute having a look 😉

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