ToDoList 6.0 release

Version 6.0 is freshly released 🙂
Here is changelog:

  • Added ‘$(selTAllocTo)’ and ‘$(sellTAllocBy)’ to Tools preferences setup
  • Added ‘Time spent’ to the default attributes list in the preferences
  • Added completed time to completed date
  • Added Ctrl+- (hyphen) as a shortcut to the rich edit comments for strikethrough
  • Added parent connection to child tasks in iCalendar format
  • Added task icon column
  • Allowed renaming of task icons
  • Allowed task icons to be replaced
  • Allowed archive of selected tasks
  • Auto-export to any format not just html
  • Be able to maximize comments (like Ctrl+M, but for comments)
  • Changed CTRL+Tab to plain Tab in rich text and simple text comments
  • Fixed bug in time estimate calculation where units are not being set correctly
  • Added preference to have subtask inheritance work throughout a task’s lifespan
  • Play a sound when a reminder is triggered
  • Save state of richedit toolbar/ruler
  • Add preference to treat tasks without due dates as ‘due today’
  • Turn off default tree expansion after loading
  • Fixed bug in rich text tab settings
  • Allow icon files to supplement built-in task icons (place icons in Resources folder)
  • All taskfile date strings are now stored in ISO format
  • Double the number of rich edit tabstops at half the spacing
  • Applied text export indentation preferences to csv export

source: ToDoList Resources

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