Dell Studio: where is my hdd activity led

Well,  Dell Studio is provided with any led but on/off led.
You may get a hdd activity led via software or … or …
try pressing Fn+H
and on/on led will become the HDD Activity Led you needed.  😉

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7 Responses to “Dell Studio: where is my hdd activity led”

  1. Lucio Says:

    Mmm, I have a Dell studio 1747, but Fn + H seems to do nothing …
    the on / off led in the right is always active …
    my bios version is the latest: A11


  2. robertoschiabel Says:

    Sorry I’m late, I was very busy lately.
    I have a 7-month old Dell Studio 1557; bios version is A03.

    I found this post also talking about Fn+H .

    I’m not sure if it applies to your model too; 😦
    in old models, Fn+H caused hdd turn on/off .

    I’m sorry.

    ps: just in case, which key exactly do you press? 😉 (don’t want to discard anything 🙂 )

  3. Lucio Says:

    Fn key (which is in Function Mode, not in multimedia mode, in quickset) and, while its pressed, the h key

  4. robertoschiabel Says:

    I have no idea 😦

    While I was looking for your message, I found these posts (not related to your problem)
    “DELL Studio 17 1747 i7 power problem”

    I hope it’s only your bios and will be fixed next version.

  5. maurizio Says:

    for me the FN+h does function: the on-off light flashes according ti the drive activity.
    smart idea! only it is not so easy to keep that light under visual control.

  6. robertoschiabel Says:

    hei maurizio, good to ear it!
    what is your model ?

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