Riders & Teams: Stoner moves to Honda, Rossi to Ducati.

Based on this news: Stoner will move to Honda in 2011. ok!
Rumors says: Rossi will move to Ducati in 2011. (italian lang here) ok!

And what??    Both riders will move their teams with.
What ????
How many other people will move with ? 5-10-15 … I don’t know!

Rossi made the same (more or less) a few years ago moving from Honda to Yamaha.

Is there anything in common with something you already know ?   mmmmmmm
Just a tip:  “Individuals and interactions over processes and tools”.
What if I say Manifesto for Agile Software Development.

Motorbikes (aka Tools) change totally!
People move to different tools!

People means more than tools!

Outside IT is a well known rules … why the whole IT folks didn’t already learn ?

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