Xedotnet: Mobile Track

It’s Windows CE, Windows Embedded, Windows Mobile … and so on!
I already wrote few words here: What kind of Windows is Windows CE? ….

Last Xedotnet’s meeting had two sessions about it:
-Windows Embedded, segreti e misteri delle piattaforme microsoft per i devices by Valter Minute
-Windows Mobile: State & Notification Broker by Michele Locuratolo

Unfortunately Michele couldn’t take part, because of snow in Milano’s land. 😦
So, Valter had the chance to enlarge it’s session, talk whole time, a show us very usefull things about Windows CE/Mobile/Embedded, Compact Framework and MSDN Embedded, and many other things.
To me he didn’t miss the point. 😉
It was very interesting see how decives and software changed for 15 years.

Valter showed us Microsoft Shared Source license, and how to debug the os too! 😮
Well, I had a 15 years flashback. 😉

I really enjoyed it.

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