How is your battery’s life (Windows7 tips&trisks)

A laptop’s battery doesn’t last at long.
In Windows7 Tips&Tricks you may found a command to check your battery’s health.
Look for Find out How Healthy Your Battery is on Your Laptop section.
I run the command  powercfg -enery via command prompt (via run as administrator) and got this response:

This laptop is 4 years old and this battery is the original one.
Wait, there is no rocket science behind this result.
Simply I never used battery because I’m always running in ups safe energy environment;
more, this battery had only been charged (only full-charge) about 10 times (in 4 years!!!).

I know, these are too lucky conditions and this test doesn’t worth a penny. 😦

ps: powercfg’s report tells more about energy than only battery’s life: power management, ecc.
better look deep that report. 😉

source: Misurare le prestazioni della vostra batteria

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