Virtual PC 2007: ESC and TAB key stop working

On a secondary pc, I noticed ESC and TAB keys stop working randomly.
It happens only with a specific vm.

In the beginning it seemed random to me, but it was not.
It happens after restoring a vm from saved state.

I found some hint here Losing Tab and Esc Key Functionality in Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 (last comment by RayeR)
but I haven’t found root cause. 😦

Host configuration: Windows 7 build 7100, Virtual PC 2007 (
Guest configuration: Windows XP SP3 (win32k.sys v5.1.2600.5676, 15/09/2008 :/ ), VM Addition installed.

Everything works fine after moving the vm on Windows 7 (final release), Virtual PC (with Integration Services). Β πŸ˜‰

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3 Responses to “Virtual PC 2007: ESC and TAB key stop working”

  1. Niklas Says:

    after adding this to security policy software path as unrestricted it works fine again for me on Windows 7 x64 (no UAC):

    %appdata%\microsoft\virtual pc\vpckeyboard.dll

    I also disabled this and other virtual pc folder from antivirus scanning.

  2. Niklas Says:

    Here are more instructions, but there is a spelling error in virtual so make sure to manually check the path that it is correct:

    I put %appdata%\microsoft\virtual pc\vpckeyboard.dll
    in computer section

  3. jason Says:

    run it as administrator, it’s a far easier fix. Of course don’t ask why it suddenly broke. 😐

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