Remove (and Reinstall) U3 launchpad from SanDisk Cruzer usb key

Is U3 annoying or usefull ?
Whatever, if-and-only-if you want to remove U3 from your Sandisk Cruzer, you may use the tool from SanDisk.

Download “U3 Launchpad Removal Tool” available from .

The tool will ask you if you want to restore data already present, or forget everything, after removing U3.
If you want to restore data, you’d better backup the entire usb key before operating.
In my short experience (once run), this tool died while restoring data, so I lost everything and I had to format the entire usb key.
ThanksGod, I had a backup of the whole usb key. 😉

If you want to reinstall U3, you may try this tool, LPInstaller, available at .
Well, I haven’t test it yet. 😦

source: FAQ – How do I remove the U3 LaunchPad?

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3 Responses to “Remove (and Reinstall) U3 launchpad from SanDisk Cruzer usb key”

  1. Carson Says:

    I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE to find someone who knew how to re-install this software. My friend tried to use it on a Mac and didn’t eject it properly and it had to be formatted, which meant un-installing the U3 software. I installed it and it worked fantastically and now my Cruzer is back to it’s normal self. =)

  2. Venkiv Says:

    Hello there. The same thing also happened to me. It was not properly formatted and well i had to manually reformat it again. The data was kinda backed up into my C drive but i jst couldn’t find it. So now, i’m thinking of removing the thing cause it was taking up quite alot of my C space. Do you know where it might have been stored?

  3. Chris Says:

    I reinstalled the U3 Launchpad from
    and was not only succesful but all data was retained. Still recommed backup though! I run Windows 7.

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