ToDoList 5.9 released

Here I am, once again, for my favourite todolist’s new release, version 5.9 .
Unfortunately it is some_months old, I simply lost it. 😦
New features are:

  • Added multi-column sorting
  • Added option to recreate recurring task rather than reusing it
  • Added preference to colour flagged tasks
  • Added ‘Version’ to inheritable attributes
  • Added ‘Set Reminder’ button to toolbar
  • Preferences requiring admin privileges now show the shield icon in Vista
  • Theme defaults to ‘blue’ for first time users
  • Right-aligned dates if the option to display ‘Day of Week’ is set
  • Made it possible to enter times as 9.45 or 9,45 for quarter to 10
  • Fixed reminders to work with recurring tasks
  • Improved performance of tasklist navigation. Now 2-3 times faster than 5.8
  • Improved performance of date calendar navigation
  • When tree/list does not have the focus the selection colour is faded out
  • ‘Status’, ‘Version’ and ‘Alloc by’ filter droplists now support multi-selection
  • Fixed bug where last open tasklist on USB drive was not being reloaded on starting ToDoList
  • Fixed text and backgound colour comments toolbar buttons not updating as the selection changed
  • Fixed iCalendar exporter to work with Outlook and Google Calendar
  • Fixed various bugs in GanttProject exporter

source: ToDoList Resources

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