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C6711 Simulator: RTDX target applucation does not match emulation protocol!

September 29, 2009

Just a brief note for the very next future. 😉

Developing a project on C6711 is very good, but you can’t always have a C6711 board to run test on.
CCS is provided with a simulator: C6711 Device Cycle Accurate Simulator (TMS320C6711).
Moving to simulator, when you load program *.out, you may get this message:

RTDX target applucation does not match emulation protocol!
Loaded program was created with an rtdx library which does not match the target device.

Solution is very simple, you may read here: RTDX problems… ,
but here is my version:
-open your xyz.pjt project
-identify inout.cdb file, under DSP/BIOS Config folder
-double click on it
-identify RTDX item in Input/Output folder
-right click on it, then Properties (last menu’)
-change RTX MODE to Simulator
-then OK and build again your project

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