Plumbers vs IT aka Project vs Product

when your sink leaks, you call the plumber (of course!) and he apply the fix.
Well, is same thing in IT ?

When a customer call helpdesk to notify a bug or need a customization, what a programmer can do ?

if customer_xyz


if condition1 && !condition2

what kind of bugfix is a good bugfix? It depends!

Plumbers work on projects, every sink is unique, so every fix really exists only once,
but in IT you develop product most of the times, not projects.

and what are you developing ?

If you are working on a project, then you have only 1 instance of that sw,
so no matter what you’re writing, it will exists only there.

But, if you’re developing a product, like most developers, then you’d better think twice and find a customer-proof solution.

It’s very easy to say, but sometime you forget it, even if it’s right in front of you.

Sometimes, the easy way isn’t the right way.

Please, look at Anti-IF campaign, you’ll find a similar idea. 😉
You can apply a “if-bugfix” in a matter of seconds, but itsn’t effective at all. 🙂

ps: no matter at all with hydraulic, it was just an example, you may replace with many others. 😉


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