Windows7: console freeze on Intel 915GM

Unfortunately I was unable to find and updated Intel 915GM driver.
My laptop freeze every time Windows Media Player or System Rate runs,
last but not least, this evening LiveMeeting as well.
No XeDotNet “.NET Micro Framework” virtual meeting (by Mirco Vanini) ;(
until Windows XP resumed. 🙂

I found some news in Intel’s forum here, but I’ll have to read throught the whole post again for new updates. 😉

Last but not least, it was a pleasure attend tonight’s meeting, thanks to Mirco.

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4 Responses to “Windows7: console freeze on Intel 915GM”

  1. Moved to Windows 7 RC, with USB memory stick « a developer’s breadcrumb Says:

    […] Guess what I’m going to run first ? Windows7: console freeze on Intel 915GM […]

  2. bonedigger Says:

    i was able to run Mobile Intel® 915 and 910GML Express Chipset Family in windows 7 with my clients laptop. HP Pavilion DV4000. i cant find any driver for this chipset from intel website that is compatible for windows 7. so i decided to use windows XP driver. the 1st time i install it manually it didnt work coz windows 7 always show an error code: 43. when i look in dev management under device manager tab it shows 2 Mobile Intel® 915 and 910GML Express Chipset Family.. what i did is i reinstall the driver again manually but this time i didnt restart the computer. “which means” the windows 7 didnt apply any changer yet. then i go back to dev manager and wait for the windows to detect the error between the 2 Mobile Intel® 915 and 910GML Express Chipset Family in the list. i saw 1 of them have problem and show error code 43 again. so i decided to disable it. and before i reboot the laptop i chek the dxdiag to ensure that the direct Draw acceleration and direct3d acceleration is enable. im not successful on AGP texture acceleration and it shows not available. “im not computer geek at all. then i restart the laptop and i was surprise that the driver from intel of Mobile Intel® 915 and 910GML Express Chipset Family for XP works in Windows 7. Aero shake and other future somehow works and my client didnt experience any bug or errors. NOTE: disable the intel r common use interference in Startup in msconfig>starup> uncheck them to prevent any errors. hope it works… im not a computer geek. im just a beginner. sorry for my bad english.

  3. robertoschiabel Says:

    thank you for your help! 😉

  4. Anoop Says:

    Thanks a lot for your help.. I have been looking through a lot of forums for Win 7 drivers for the 915GM but officially though Intel hasn’t released one. The XP driver for the same works perfectly fine. Cheers!! 🙂

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