Know your time: task scheduling in multiple customers/projects scenario

Planning a 4 weeks sprint is a tought work, expecially when you have to satisfy multiple customers, different priorities, high priority(=very urgent) tasks, pupils diseases … well you know ;).
Worst situation if you’re running a solo-business.

A simple example: you have 4 tasks, 1 week each one, 1 customer/project each;
you may schedule them in different ways:
-task1 on 1st week, task2 on 2nd week,…
good?  maybe, task4 will be completed in 1month, it could be too late from customer4’s perspective 😦
-2 days task1, 2days task2, …
good? maybe, some tasks will end ealier, other tasks will end too late
-1st day of week task1, 2nd day of week task2, 3rd of week task3, …
good? no! all tasks will be completed nearly at the end of the month, so all customers will be hangry 😦 😦 😦 😦
plus you’ll loose your focus very quickly (remember: Interruptions represent a waste of time!!!)
-some sort of mix,: task1 on 1st week, then a 2 days/task scheduling

What’s next? There is a solution ?  No!Yes!
It’s the same, evergreen, scheduling problem.
You need priorities, easy when there is only one customer/project but, on multiple customers/projects enveironment, you will make some happy and some other not-really-happy…that’s the way it is.
Getting in touch with reality, know your time, your effort, plus avoid interruptions and plan your next sprint on that knowledge and be ready to re-arrange the task list.

A different perspective you may read in Handle Multiple Customers by Jurgen Appelo;
it may help you clear your mind about how much calendar-time you need to get your task completed, mixing other tasks within a month.
Hope it helps.

ps: What happen if you’re overbooked? 😉

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