Pair programming: he saw the light!

Here is a post by someone doing pair programming for 5-6 months.
Don’t you have already tried it ?
Do you only have read a few posts magnifying PP?

Well, that’s another one 🙂

I see pairing work so well every day that I consider my career prior to my current job to have consisted mostly of wasting time. When I think back to all the code I’ve written for a job, I’m annoyed at how much less efficient I was then since I wasn’t pairing, and how much better my code and my products would have been if I had paired on them full time.

A final thought I like very much (do you remember this old post?)

When people hiss at pairing because they can’t listen to headphones or don’t want to sit next to a fat guy, it sounds to my ears EXACTLY like someone complaining about SVN being too complicated.

To me, he saw the light! 🙂

source: I Love Pair-Programming

ps: thanks to XP-IT for this link

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