Quality vs Crisis

I wrote previously about technological update.

This time I will talk about quality in software development.

On tought times, you-customer have 2 chances:
-buy same products with less quality
-buy less products with same high quality

Quality software means also, in other words, no bugs.

You-software producer may want a lower product’s quality standard, ie: fixing less bugs.
Your price will be cheaper, you’ll deliver faster but, at the same time, you’ll gain tecnical debt (more bugs) that you’ll have to pay some day, some how.

Keep in mind you need to have a clear vision of your tecnical debt, constantly, because when business will begin to run again, customers will buy what they waited … for too long.

You’ll have to be ready to deliver high quality standard products very quickly.
If you’ll be paying a long time tecnical debt, how can you deliver on time ?

If you wait too long to fix bugs, you’ll run throught a broken windows scenario. ()


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