(re-reading GTD) process your tasks in lists

Well, next post is here.
After having collected all your tasks, you have to process them in order to get well formatted lists.
Last post I talk wrote about collecting all your stuff.
Now it’s time to process them, in order to classify and … šŸ˜‰
How to classify it?
First step: you have to get clear if the task you have in your hand need an action by you or not,
if not, then you can delete it, archive it, or move in some_day task’s list.
Why keep it if no action is required ? delete it.
Is it a reference for next month project? archive it.
Is it a next-year wish? move it to some_day list.

… then your stuff require you do something

Second step: so you need to clear identify what the action required ?
if it’s a multiple action task, then is a complex task, maybe a project (=everything that is more complex than a single action šŸ˜‰ ), so you need to put in project’s list.

Third step: your stuff need a simple/single action
is it a very simple-short_time-immediate_to_complete action ?
Yes? do it right now! (if it’s immediate, what are you waiting for?)
No? will it take longer than a bit ? move it in next_action’s list, maybe grouping by type of action, ie: calls, emails,…
You may also rely on calendar if some actions have a deadline, but remember not to abuse it,
your priorities may change in a moment, and calendar means action you really-really-really need to do that day, without exception.

At this point you have:
-a box full of far_future task, result of first step analisys (ie: learn Microsoft Dynamics, install Windows 7)
-a box full of projects (multiple actions tasks), result of second step analisys (ie: get newspaper subscription, briefing with Mr XYZ about NNN)
-a box full of single action, result of third step analisys (ie: call John to install ComminMonitor SVN, submit Calendar bug to Windows Mobile Support, check Gantt …)
-a box of simple-short_time-immediate_to_complete action … EMPTY! šŸ™‚

You see it, dont’ you ? something already done!!!

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