Building a house: Incremental vs Iterative process

What do you thing your process is ?
Is it incremental or iterative ?

Maybe you think is iterative, but actually it is incremental.
What is the difference between iterative and incremental; can you recognized what is really is ?

Let use an example: building a house.
The job starts from the basement, then the ground floor, then 1st-2nd (and maybe 3rd) floor, then the roof.
The customer gets his house only when it’s completed.
That’s an incremental process.

Let consider the example above, where the bare house is done, just block over block, walls and roof and nothing more.
Next tasks are: install a shower in the bathroom, a microware in the kitchen and a sofa.
The house is not yet ready, but we can have a rest on the sofa, clean our body (the shower), have a hot meal (the microwave).

Next iteration tasks are: install main door and windows, a bed, a chair.
The house is still not ready/complete, but we can protect from winds, take a nap, sit while we are eating.
We still don’t have electricity inside exept the kitchen, water is only in the bathrom, and everything you’re thinking about.

That’s the iterative process, where the big picture (of the house) is visible from the beginning, and where we can “fill in the blanks”, only the blanks that are very important in every single iteration,
oh … and start “living the house” from the first iteration. 😉

In the incremental process, the house is “liveable” floor by floor, but you have to get that floor 100% done.

Well, maybe using a house as example doesn’t suit very well,
better you read this post: The waterfall trap for “agile” projects

source: The waterfall trap for “agile” projects

Thanks to XP-IT mailing list.



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