IE Developer toolbar doesn’t run on Windows 2003

After installing IE Developer toolbar on Windows 2003 + IE7 you realize that it doesn’t start, even if installed properly. 😦

Because of “Enable third-party browser extensions *” (note the *) flag disabled in Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced tab.

Here is a screenshot 🙂


… of course, you have to check that IE Dev Toolbar add-on is enabled too, this way:
Tools -> Manage add-ons -> Enable or disable add-ons -> IE Developer Toolbar BHO -> Enable


ps: I didn’t run a test before installing IE Dev Toolbar, but seems that NikHilk’s Web Development Helper doesn’t need “Enable third-party browser extensions” flag enabled. sorry for missed test 😦

source: IE Developer Toolbar not working

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3 Responses to “IE Developer toolbar doesn’t run on Windows 2003”

  1. miltiadis Says:

    Thanks a lot this work also in windows server 2008 since it has the same security settings by default on IE.
    You saved my development day 😀

  2. robertoschiabel Says:

    thank you ! 😉

  3. Nikhil Sreenivas V Says:

    Thanks a ton!!!!!!! you saved a good piece of my time too..!!!!

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