Cost – a big issue

Every project has a big eye over costs.
In XP book,cost variable is explained this way:

Cost: more money can grease the skids a little, too mauch money too soon create more problems than it solves.On the other hand, give a project too little money and it won’t be able to solve tse customer’s business problem.

When I read this article IT Project Funding: Less Is More I found several XP/Agile principles: cost and feedback and the project’s first steps.

More from the article, about small iterations and feedback:

Mistakes will be made, but it’s better to make a series of small mistakes and mid-course corrections, than it is to make one huge, multi-million dollar mistake from which there is no way to recover.

Agile methodologies are common sense applyed everythere, or should be.

source: IT Project Funding: Less Is More

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