Birt: using parameters in your report

Here are some examples how to use parameter in reports.

I still preferer let the rdbms do his job filtering data, than doing it inside the report.
I’ll post my solution asap.

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6 Responses to “Birt: using parameters in your report”

  1. Muhammad Asif Says:


    I find these links helpful, but could not get the full idea of using parameter in reports build using BIRT.

    I am new to BIRT. If you can help me, please gave me a big favor.


    Muhammad Asif

  2. robertoschiabel Says:

    if you haven’t already visited, there is a usefull tutorial here

    and some examples here

    I hope thi swebsite will give you the necessary info.

    It did it to me 😉

  3. Muhammad Asif Says:

    Dear robertoschiabel,

    Thanks for your cooperation. I done my job. Birt is wonderful tool


    Muhammad Asif

  4. Muhammad Asif Says:

    Dear robertoschiabel,

    I want to call my own designed BIRT report from a JSP Page.Please share appropriate ideas and tutorials.

    Thanks in advance.


    Muhammad Asif

  5. robertoschiabel Says:

    sorry, I don’t have experience with JSP, but I run BIRT report from ASP classic pages, using simple A-HREF links.
    maybe it’s same thing with IFRAME tag.
    These are the easyest starting points, IMHO.
    I hope they are what you’re looking for.

  6. Damir Vadas Says:

    I’m looking for solution to secure url parameters that other user cannot use it Birt Reports.
    I know how to do that but thought it might be a out of the box solution for that, to shortup mine time.
    Any help?
    Damir Vadas

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