Google’s CAPTCHA busted in recent spammer tactics

Websense Security Labs has discovered that Google’s popular web mail service Gmail is being targeted in recent spammer tactics. Spammers in these attacks managed to created bots that are capable of signing up and creating random Gmail accounts for spamming purposes.
It is observed that at this stage bots (or bot-infected machines) are trying to sign up as many accounts as possible with Gmail mail services. One of the main concerns here is attacking CAPTCHA. Unfortunately, spammers seem to have success with it. The bot is signing up an account feeding all the prerequisites or input data that goes into the signup page and successfully creating a mail account.
Considering the normal / routine process involved in signing up a web mail account (Gmail), CAPTCHA authentication is a must for a successful signup. Since a bot is creating an account successfully, it is obvious that CAPTCHA is broken.
It is observed that two separate hosts active on same domain are contacted during the entire process. These two hosts work collaboratively during the CAPTCHA break process.

source: Google’s CAPTCHA busted in recent spammer tactics


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