Version Systems

I didn’t take care of them until, in 2003, a collegue of mine talked about CVS.
I already read that term somewhere … mmmm … it was on my Unix book!

Shame on me! ;(

It took 2 weeks reading a 30-some pages tutorial, understanding what CVS did and did not, merge, branch, commit, check-out, and so on.
CVS was one of many professional Big Bang.

Since CVS, I’ve always pushed for using one of those sw, CVS, SVN, SourceSafe, etc.

Yes, most of the times what I needed was nothing more that check-in, check-out, sometime get that changeset, etc,
it was related to lifecycle of software I was developing.

Next-step in my version system user experience was TFS, so a higher user level came; I had to branch, and merge, and re-branch, and re-merge.
Only few times, but it helped me to better understand the tests I always made on my own.
Of course, few tests with 30 files set on your pc are different to a 300 files solution, with some developers and testers waiting for you. 😉

If you want know more, please have a look at “Enter Distributed Version Control” section in this post: Version Control and “the 80%.
It has remembered to me that I would not shave without a version system, if only I could. 🙂

Is it time to move next step ?
Am I ready for DVCS ?

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