Getting the goal = Planning & Estimating

Then I come back to an important issue: getting the project to the goal.

Everybody met a bad project at least once in his life;
everyone of us reacted in different ways: developers, testers, architects, management … and so on, well you know!

When you face up such projects, you learn something that let you understand it next time earlier.
Since “nobody already knows future” (funny italian: nessuno nasce imparato 🙂 ) other people experience help us improving our sixt sense. 😉

Joel’s Evidence Based Scheduling article tell us about his way to manage a project:
-keep your tasklist detailed
-keep memory of time scheduled
-keep memory of time used
-keep memory of extra unplanned time (bugs fixing, meeting, new featues, etc)
… mix it up all together, play some math operations and you’ll have an almost exact scheduled task list.

Well, it’s not exactly this way 😉
It’s much much more simpler.
You’d better read it straight from the source .

Of course, it helps you even if you haven’t already met that type of probject.

forget about it! 😉

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