Is your Ajax interoperable ?

Once upon a time … actually few months ago, Microsoft joined OpenAjax Alliance, and everyone of us began waiting for some big news.
Maybe “dreaming” is more suitable, due to dreaming minds every developer (should) have.
If you didn’t know, you may read some news about that event here Microsoft Joins OpenAJAX Alliance .
A big present came to us few days ago, a fruit born from that joining.

Microsoft passed OpenAjax InteropFest test (InterOp Fest 1.0 site).
you may find more infos here: Microsoft Passes OpenAjax Alliance Interop Tests .

This is a good news, especially for this Ajax meeting in Pordenone, next October 11, guested by 1nn0va (depliant pdf).

An unexpected wishing well 🙂

Two speakers are Andrea Boschin and Andrea Dottor from XeDotNet.

If you are interested in this tecnology, you may find more news about this meeting here ASP.NET: Evento AJAX a Pordenone (italian lang).

You’d better not to leave this meeting.

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