Easy way to catch bugs ?

Bugs Bugs Bugs!

Easy bug, strange bugs, untouchable bugs. 🙂
Once you get one, you’ll have to fix it. There are no feature exits. 🙂
How to catch a bug ?
Jim Shore state his mind about fast and slow crashing (I saw on Martin Fowler’s site), why and when use each one.
Software won’t be bug free ever and you have to deal with lots of “issues” among development processes.
Log4Net is my solution, so far.
It lets you realize slow crashing software, but logging each problem instantly.
Your software will be a gentle manner system because it will kindly advice users that something doesn’t work properly :),
but thanks to logs support team will get the right hints to catch and fix the problem.
What about your babies ? 😉
Would you use some sort of bracelet bell just to know what they are some-doing, instead of watching them all the time ?

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