XEDotNet meeting: AJAX for everyone

Last Friday, I were at XeDotnet meeting, last meeting of 2007 season part I.

The argument was one of the hottest of the last 12 months: AJAX .
Speakers (yes yes, there were 2!!!) had no competitors.
Davide Vernole talked about the theory (not only theory!) mainly, showing us what this tecnology is, how it works, and many other things .
Andrea Dottor realized lot of samples, so Davide’s verb had became real facts.

Both speaker had lot of “suggestions”: “this was is ok, that’s not”, “watch out for …”.
“It was hard to prepare this 2 hours meeting, we cut lot of things.” confessed the speakers.

If you missed, or just want to go deeper, Davide realized some (7!) webcasts about AJAX.If you are looking for slides and samples of the meeting, you may find here.

Congratulations to both speakers.

See you at 2007 season part II meetings.

Happy AJAX 😉

Happy summer 😀

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