Firefox & Netcraft Toolbar add-on

A few days ago I uploaded Firefox to v2.
After some tests, I decided that it was the right time to re-enable netcrafttoolbar, and so I did it.
Unfortunately, I discovered that an old problem was still there, waiting for me. 😦
I hoped time fixed everything (cit.: salacadula magicabula bibidibobidibù 😉 ) but it wasn’t.

Here is a screenshot of what Firefox show, when I’m off-line and run it.
firefox and netcraft toolbar
Please, have a look at bottom left corner.
Do you see a red “^” ?
Is still there ?
Is bottom bar 1 inch high ?
Please, tell me it’s not, tell me it’s not!

I think it’s time to ask to Netcraft team or Firefox team, or maybe both 😉 .
First time I saw it, I thought it was due to not-so-friendly versions of Firefox and Netcraft Toolbar; it was Firefox 1.5 and Netcraft Toolbar _some_what_version_ .
Now I’m running the latest versions of both software, and I’ve no excuses.

I’m telling it’s my fault (something related my my pc), neither Firefox nor Netcraft’s fault.
Now it’s time to investigate.
I’ll let you know.

(version: Firefox, Netcraft Toolbar

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2 Responses to “Firefox & Netcraft Toolbar add-on”

  1. Firefox & Netcraft Toolbar add-on (part II) « a developer’s breadcrumb Says:

    […] a developer’s breadcrumb quelli che … le permiSSion, il l’ogIn, i crokii e l’acca_emme_ti_elle … ohhh yeah! « Firefox & Netcraft Toolbar add-on […]

  2. teacup Says:

    version 1.1.18 fixes this

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