Testing web sites with multiple browser

As web developer, I need to test web sites with different browsers.
Sometime it keeps me busy all the day.

I collected some resources:
Internet Explorer standalone
more standalone browsers, even oldest versions 🙂
an easy way to get screenshot of your site in different browsers;
usefull only if your site is a public site 😦

Since most of us run IE or FF:
– only IE6, download ie6eolas_nt.zip
Internet Explorer Application Compatibility VPC Image, straight from the source
A VPC hard disk image containing a pre-activated Windows XP SP2, and either IE6 or IE7 and the IE7 Readiness Toolkit. This VPC image will expire on 08/17/2007.
FireFox portable

Testing Safari … here is the point: IMHO buy a mac book is the best solution . :/
In the meanwhile, you can read this post: Testing in Safari without a Mac .

Forgot something ?

UPDATE: Apple has just released Safari for Windows.

Testing websites should be easyer, and cheaper. 😉

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